In this chapter, we will discuss in brief some of famous tools that are widely used to prevent hacking and getting unauthorized access to a computer and  network system.

NMAP – Nmap stand for network mapper.It is an open source tool that is used widely for network discovery and security editing. Nmap was originally designed to scan large networks, but it can work equally well for single hosts. Network administrator also  find it    useful for task such as network inventory, managing service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or services uptime.

Nmap uses raw IP to determine –

  • what hosts are available on the network.
  • what services those  hosts are offering.
  • what operating system they are running on.
  • what type of firewall are used, and other such characteristics.

Nmap runs on all major computer operating system such as Window , Mac OS X and Linux.

Metasploit – Metasploit is one of the most powerful exploit tools. It is a product of Rapid7 and most of its resources can be found at It comes in two version  – Commercial and Free edition. Metasploit can be used with command promote or with Web UI.

With metasploit you can perform the following operations –

  • Conduct basic penetration tests on small network.
  • Run spot check on the exploitable of vulnerabilities.
  • Discover the network or important scan data.
  • Browse exploit modules and run individual exploit on hosts.

Burp Suit – Brup Suit is a platform that is used for security testing on web application. It has various tools that work on  collaborated to support that entire testing process from initial mapping and analysis of an application attack surface,through to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities.

Burp is easy to use and provides the administrator full control to combine advance manual technique with automation  for efficient testing. Burp can be easily configured and it contains features to assist even the most experienced testers with their network.

Angry IP scanner – Angry IP scanner is a lightweight, cross platform IP  address and port scanner. It can  scan IP address in any range. It can be freely copied and used anywhere. In order to increase the scanning speed ,it uses multi threaded approach, wherein a separate approach is created for IP address.

Angry IP scanner simply ping each IP address to check whether it is alive and then it resolve the hostname, determines the MAC address, scans ports ,etc. The amount of gathered data about each host name can be saved as TXT,XML,CSV and IP-Port list files. With help of plugin, angry IP scanner can gather any information about IP scanned Pc’s IP address.

Cain & Abel – Cain and abel is password recovery tool for Microsoft operating system, It helps in easy recovery of various kind of password by employing any of the following methods –

  • sniffing a network
  • cracking encrypted password using Dictionary, brute force and Cryptanalysis attacks
  • recording VoIP conversations
  • decoding scrambled passwords
  • recovering wireless network key
  • revealing password boxes
  • uncovering cached password and analyzing routing protocols.

Cain and abel is a useful tools for security consultants, professional penetration testers, everyone else who plans to use it for ethical reasons.

Ettercap – Ettercap stand for Ethernet Computer. it is a network security tool for Man-in-the-Middle-attack. It features sniffing of live connection, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks. Ettercap has inbuilt feature for network and host analysis. It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols.

You can run Ettercap on all the popular operating system such as Window, Linux and Mac OS X.